Frequently asked questions For Parents

Who looks after my children?
All campers are assigned to a cabin group of up to 8 campers. These cabins will be supervised at all time by our fulltime Camp leaders to ensure your child will have a fantastic and safe time at camp. Cabin leaders receive training for their role, have police and working with children checks and are 18+ years of age. Our Camp Director will also be on site at all times to monitor and assist in any situation. We also have a member of Angelsea Valley Lodge
onsite at all times for extra support. Children will never be left alone in a building or activity area without an authorised adult.

What does a usual day look like?
We follow a daily schedule that provides routine and comfort. Within that schedule, there are Music Theatre based activities and lessons that focus on working together, self reflection, communication and problem solving. We have time to enjoy the experience but also hard work and dedication is encouraged. Most importantly we thrive to have fun. For a closer look at the daily schedule, click here

What if my child gets homesick?
It's not unusual for children, especially younger ones away for the first time, to feel homesick the first few days. Most get over it quickly and go on to have a wonderful time. We provide structure and keep campers busy from the moment they arrive, which helps to shift their focus away from home to new friends and having fun. However, we are very sensitive to of this children’s wellbeing and will be in regular contact with parents through our nightly newsletter. If your child is struggling we will be in immediate contact with the parents.

When can my child apply for camp?
Now! Please visit our website to express interest, get in contact or jump straight into it and download our Application Forms. Once Application Forms are filled out, you will need to scan them and send a copy to

What do the Camp Fees cover?
Camp Fees cover all activities, tuition, evening programs, transportation during the camp term, lodging, meals and equipment usage. We have a high standard of teachers coming to Camp Curtain Call and our competitive prices really allow your children to learn and interact with industry professionals at a very reasonable price.



Is safety a priority?
Safety of campers is a core priority for Camp Curtain Call and it’s staff members. We do risk assessments on our activities and ensure that classes and activities are run at a high standard.  Safety is our paramount priority, as you would expect of us.


Can my child contact me while they are at camp?
We enforce a strict no phone policy, for several safety reasons. We also understand your need to see if your child is happy and enjoying camp. The Camp Director’s will be in constant contact with all parents/guardians. We will notify you immediately of any issue or concern your child has and your child will be able to communicate with you via our phone if need be. We will also distribute nightly newsletters to our Parents with images and update on what each child has been up to that day. Each child will write a written update on how they are feeling and we will forward this to parents/guardians.

How does my child get to camp?
You and your child can choose to either make your own way to camp or there will be a Camp Curtain Call bus leaving from a central Melbourne location on the first Monday of Camp. It is advised that all campers take the bus to camp as the journey begins on the bus trip.
You will need to collect your child from camp on the final day and will be able to return home with you after the Camp Curtain Call showcase on Sunday.


Can my child have a room of their own?
As part of the camp experience all kids must share a dormitory. This is part of the group bonding practice of the camp. We treat each child equally and find that by stepping out of the comfort zone with other camper they find a real sense of accomplishment. Your child may find that their new best friend is their dorm buddy. All rooms and dormitories are heavily supervised and any issue will be attended to immediately and safely. Our Camp Directors will be in touch with parents/guardians should any dorm changes or events occur.


What will my child eat?

Camp Curtain Call provides a fully catered kitchen that provides a range of dishes that are fresh, tasty and nutritious while being attractive to children’s palettes. We provide three meals every day – always including a vegetarian option – with generous portions of fruit, vegetables and salad, and plenty of carbohydrate for energy. If any campers have specific dietary needs relating to medical or religious requirements, for example, or whether it’s simply a matter of being a fussy eater, please let us know beforehand and we will make every possible effort to meet their needs. We will also be providing afternoon tea to keep our campers energised and focuses.

What if my child has no singing/acting/dancing experience?
We still encourage your child to come. He or She might surprise themselves with how good they can be. If they acquire a true interest and enthusiasm for performing arts, our safe and nurturing environment will encourage them to see their full potential. Working with other children who may have experience will fast track their understanding of the performing world and invite them into a place where they are most welcome and will belong. 


What if there is an activity that my child doesn’t want to participate in?
Each child will be schedule to do a singing, acting, dancing, audition and theatre production class.  From this, each child will have a choice in which discipline they would like to workshop and perform at the Showcase. If your child finds that they would prefer to backstage work for the showcase that is acceptable and we have staff that can guide them through this pathway. However, if your child does not want to participate in the initial classes perhaps Camp Curtain Call is not for them.


Who will the staff be?
Camp Curtain Call is run by two industry professionals who, together, have years of experience in the industry. Using their industry connections, guest staff members will include professionals from major Australian musicals. Each camp will have different teachers with different things to offer. Camp Leaders will be onsite 24/7 and will be in charge of chaperoning you children through camp. These Camp Leaders may also have industry experience but will be chosen because they are great with inspiring and connecting with children. Every staff member will have a  Victorian Working With Children’s Check.



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